Who want to kill government critic Kem Ley?

46-year-old Kem Ley was born in Takeo province. He is a probably populist analyst in Cambodia for his government critics. From what he made comments on politic, social, policy and development, he is just killed unjustly for these efforts to the nation.  He analysed based on facts, data, and finding. Moreover, he tried to get ideas from the grassroots people’s thinking. Mr. Ley left a good legacy for the youths to follow his foot step. It is a long way to go for the country.

After more than a decade for working in research, analysis, roundtable discussion, he showed that the Cambodian society needs many people like him. From what he talked, the comment makes people satisfy the truth and accept it.

The popularity of Mr. Ley is increased day by day because he tried to connect to the ordinary people, farmers, all classes in society and maybe he also might want to compete in Cambodian politic.

Recent months before his death, he strongly attacks the government for Vietnamese migrants, border issue and democracy in the country, moreover he also personally attacks the strong man family in the country.

What is wrong make him in danger in Cambodian politic?

Maybe he runs too fast in popularity and over the red line for his critics. But everything is not under the control of the Hun Sen regime alone. But other side wants to warn the Prime Minister not to do what if you want.  It could happen if the Prime Minister turn the side to his old friend.

People blame on the current government and ruling party for the killing.  Many suspicions question political involvement. It is stupid that the ruling party decides to kill Mr. Ley. There are no advantages for this. Only disadvantages and losing the game for the party. Some people think of third parties to do this to make Khmer divide and warn everything can happen if we do not listen or consider their request.

Two months after his death, who is behind his killing still at large. People in the country blame on politic involvement and the government. The public wait for the government to explain and who is behind this brutal killing.