Facebook Battlefield in Political Benefits

Social Media has become a platform for the politicians to attract its supporters, attach political agenda and attack its opponents in Cambodia context. As a result, almost political party leaders form its own social media team to manage its Facebook accounts and its own pages to communicate with its supporters, public and media.  How social media play a role in political success?

Facebook has become the political arena to compete for the political campaign and its popularity in the public. In election campaign in 2013, Facebook was a good political platform for the CNRP party to call for youth to join its campaign and show its activities to the public. Moreover politicians can get feedback from comment and message in Facebook. And because of Facebook and internet access, it makes users easy to access to politicians’ message and its activities.

In September 2015, Prime Minister recognized it official page then be verified with blue tick. Through official page, Prime Minister Hun Sen can influence in social media with political propaganda, intervention, live video for immediate response to the public for hot issues.  Public and politician are more closed to each other because of social media.

Now Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy do not only compete in public but also in social media.

Better connection between political leaders and its supporters makes people aware of what they are doing.  After losing many seats in 2013 national election, high ranking officials in the CPP party tries to improve its effective social media use with public, voters and media to compete for 2018 national election and political propaganda.

In ICT ages, politicians need to have knowledge with social media to connect with the voters. However, content of posting need to be serious, voters track politicians strictly for their speech and it posting. Everything is in public. Almost no privacy for politicians!


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