More local media, but less expression!

More local Media and mass media are run and served their audiences and they focus different sectors and topic to satisfy their need, but the qualities is considered and how it work. They are under censorship and work under dangerous for their work. Most owner are politician and businessperson that support the government and ruling party.  Most local just writes article that admire the powerful people and the rich that is the policy in their institute.  And some write the achievement of the government and honor of the government. They do not care about the real issue for their news. They rarely raise up the issue in their article. Instead of threatening their life, they prefer the safe for their career. If they write the article that criticize the government, or the rich, the writer may face the bad fate for their life or are threatened because of their writing.  Every time protesters always complaint that TVs, Newspapers, radios do not broadcast and publish their activities and their problem in their paper and always talks they are wrong to do this or do that. People feel like this.


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