Who you care?

People always worry about their country and nation. But they cannot do anything besides they elect their representative to lead the country to the right direction. When they are elected and take the power, they rarely listen to their people, when people blame on them, they said those people are opposition party supporter not their supporter. It is nonsense for leader to say like this. They all are their citizens. They need to take care all not discriminate anyone.  Lawmaker always said that they respect and implement the law, but most the rich always escape the punishment and live freely, even though they did something wrong or abuse their power. It is common for them to do like this. The poor always are jealous this culture in our society. The poor always are punished even though they are scapegoat. They always complaint about injustice and impunity in this society. Sometime it is not strange for the justice system in Cambodia. How it changes and reforms for the future? It seems the poor respect the law but the rich abuse the law and use the law to defend them and kill the poor arbitrarily. Why the authorities support the rich and ignore the poor. What authorities need to do?


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