People turn on radio rather than television to follow news

When television do not cover negative news that support opposition party, the social problem, or inactive authorities, people turn on radio to listen the pro-opposition news or international radio station in khmer. The government said that the international station in khmer is not independent and as instrument of opposition party, but they do not mention local media that support the ruling party that is instrument to criticize the opposition party. But the more they criticize opposition party in the wrong way, the more people do not want to watch its stations.  Some stations invite some speakers that pro ruling party and have high education to talk and tell people to believe what they speak and force people to believe that the opposition party is bad. But people think those speaker are puppet of ruling party. People can think and judge what is wrong or right. So no one can hide the truth or cheat people because they have more source to verify what they heard or tell from the government.  Most people did not satisfy what some local media do not coverage of opposition activities. Even national broadcasting media also do not cover it. What criteria that we can consider the media is independent if even international standard broadcast in Cambodia, the leader also do not recognize it. When the government criticize the international radio station that broadcast in khmer language, more people and youth have interest and want to try to know those stations. It seems the government advertise those stations to get more audiences. And one more thing is technology that encourage people to listen those station through internet or their mobile phone. Before people only use radio to listen, now they have a lot of ways to listen radio. Now people listen to radio for news than watch in local TV stations that only talk about government activities and good things that government- not broadcast much about social problem or the hot issues in society. It is turning point for our society and provide good culture for our people to access the truth.


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