Three years with facebook

Social media has played important role for each society to inform people any problem in society. Facebook was created in 2006 . But it became popular in 2011 in Cambodia. I have played facebook for almost 3 years. But I had created my account in 2009 but I started to play it just in late 2010. Facebook have taught me a lot about problems in society and politic and learn a lot of new thing around me and the world. I felt that I cannot live without facebook because it has provided me a lot of sources and breaking news and the truth from all the sides without doubt. Facebook connect people around the world without border. Facebook become social movement for society and encourage people in society to accept what they refuse and change their mindset and join together to change for their society. Before when i wanted to get news, I always watch local channel. When I only watch local news, I just know the news that I support the government. But now I do not need to watch it anymore because I can access all news in my wall. I can know all the news-good and bad news for government. I know beyond the border. Facebook can build justice in society. We can know a lot of things that the government do not want us to know what they do bad.​ I have shared a lot of news, other great views, opinions from my wall. I have posted my own views, opinions.  I also created several pages to serve my own goal and serve all people. Sometimes I also discuss the world and local politic with my friends. It provides a of experience and lesson learned.


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